What is Indie Parade?
Indie parade is an photoblog of awesome things created by independent crafters and designers. This blog is made especially awesome by you, because here at Indie Parade our readers submit photos of their favorite creations.

What makes Indie Parade special?
Aside from our content generated by our readers, Indie Parade is special because it's content is mainly photos. You know what they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words and certainly pictures are the most fun part of shopping and design blogs. So we've kept the text to a mininum here so we can focus on the eye candy.

How do I submit a photo to the blog?
Visit our photo submission form. for details. If you don't have a user account yet, you will need to create one. You can do that here.

Creating an account enables you to submit products to this blog. It also grants you access to our message boards and our monthly newsletter featuring exclusive tips for creative entrepreneurs.

If I create an accout will you rent or sell my contact information or send me a ton of email?
Definitely not. Your email address will never be shared with anyone. We do not rent or sell our lists. We send one email per month full of tips you will probably find useful. If you don't find them useful you can easily unsubscribe from this monthly newsletter.

Are all photos welcome at Indie Parade?
Not exactly. In order to keep this blog beautiful and interesting to our visitors photo submissions must be approved. Images that are most likely to get approved possess the following qualities:
- Fantastic, clear, sharp, well-lit photography
- Image of something unique or interesting
- Image of something that immediately catches attention and/or an image that makes it easy to tell what we are looking at
- Image of something handmade or otherwise not mass-produced

Images with watermarks, URLs included or other such markings will not be posted. They detract from the overall appearance of this blog. Images that look murky or grayish also detract from the appearance of this blog so they can't be posted. If you are trying to submit your own work and think it may have been rejected due to poor photo quality you may want to reshoot your images in a lightbox or fix them in a program like Photoshop before submitting them again.

Images must contain a link so visitors can learn more about the image. The image may be an item that is for sale but it can also just be beautiful piece of art/handcraftiness you wish to share with the world.

Do not submit a whole bunch of images from the same site all in a row. This blog is for showcasing a variety of images from a variety of sites so if you attempt to hog all the posts for your own site don't expect all the submissions to be approved. Abusing your poster account will result in account deactivation. While we understand everyone's desire to self-promote, the primary goal here is to have a diverse, nice-looking blog.

If your photo is not approved it doesn't mean we don't like you or you can't submit another picture again later, it just means the particular image you submitted wasn't the right fit for this blog. Don't take it personally.

My file upload was rejected, help!
Your file must be 200x200 pixels and under 40kb in size.

If your file is not perfectly square, try opening your file in graphics software and adding some white space to it. (Photoshop users can do this by opening the file and selecting Image > Canvas Size and then adjusting height and width accordingly.)

If your file is over 40kb, reduce the image resolution in order to make the file size smaller. (Photoshop users can do this by opening the file and selecting File > Save For Web. A window will pop up. Select ".jpg" from the gif/jpf drop down menu. You will also see a setting called "quality" which is probably set to 100 by default. Try changing that setting to a slightly lower number and then check on the bottom left side of the window to see if that makes your file small enough.)

Got any banners I can use to link to you?
Sure! But please do save these files to your own server instead of hotlinking here.

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