Advertising Opportunities For Indie Designers and Boutiques

Free Marketing Opportunities
Participate in Indie Parade! Submit images to the Indie Parade blog, and if we like what we see, your creations will be featured right on our home page. Once your image drops off the front page, visitors will still be able to find your product via our advanced search features!

When you sign up to participate in the Indie Parade blog, you'll automatically receive information on free and low cost advertising opportunities geared to indie designers each month. If you do not find these opportunities valuable you can always unsubscribe.

Low Cost, Lowest Commitment

Project Wonderful Ads on Indie Parade:
Advertise on this blog via Project Wonderful. This requires no commitment and all you need is a project wonderful account. Pricing begins at 50 cents per day. This is a great way to dip your toe in the advertising waters. Since this opportunity is auction based, price will vary based on demand.

Low Cost, 1 Month Commitment

Indie Parade Advertising Pack:
What you get
* A 125x125 banner displayed on every page of the Indie Parade Blog for 30 days
* Access to over 3,000 handmade fans via our network of newsletters!

When you purchase this package you'll reach over 3,000 opt-in subscribers! (Your promotion will be shared on the I Shop Indie newsletter, Cutique newsletter, Loungeluxe newsletter and Indie Parade newsletter.)

The cost of the Indie Parade Advertising Pack is $36.00.
Want to advertise on popular handmade blogs but find the costs add up quickly? Advertising on popular blogs like Bloesem, Poppytalk, and Modish can add up fast and cost hundreds of dollars each month. The Loungeluxe co-op site solves this problem by allowing you to combine your purchasing power with other indie designers. For $15.00 per month you can join the Loungeluxe co-op.

Promote your clothing, stationery, jewelry, handbags, spa goods and more to women who love handmade. Your monthly dues provide an advertising budget used to buy ad space on higher traffic blogs promoting Loungeluxe and promoting you.

Learn more about this opportunity by reading the Loungeluxe member FAQ

Higher Cost, 1 Month Commitment, Maximum Impact

If you've got the cash for it, we highly recommend joining an exclusive indie designer advertising co-op such as I Shop Indie or Cutique. Membership to either site is $100.00 per month with discounts available for a 3 or 6 month commitment.

These two sites have the largest co-op advertising budgets in our network, the most traffic and the largest newsletter subscription base. Both sites also limit membership to only 12 designers to maximize your exposure.

Learn more about membership
Learn more about membership

Email Only Marketing

Advertise on the newsletter and reach over 1,000 opt-in subscribers for only $10.00

Advertise on the newsletter and reach over 1,000 opt-in subscribers for only $10.00

Advertise on the newsletter and reach over 800 opt-in subscribers for only $8.00

Advertise on all 3 newsletters for $25.00

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