New Jewlery Spring Collection
Price: $35.00

Nude Crystal Cube Wire-Wrapped Studs Earrings in Gold
Price: $33.00

Love birds sterling silver necklace
Price: $24.00

Altered Art Brass Photo Cuff
Price: $25.00

Lost caravan necklace
Price: $45.00

Rock Collection Necklace, Texture - Natural Stone Jewelry
Price: $38.00

Oak Silver - Upcycled Bicycle Tube Earrings
Price: $25.00

Emo heart button bracelet
Price: $20.00

Sky vintage button necklace.
Price: $15.00

Pretty Pink Vintage Button Bracelet
Price: $27.00

Astronaut Necklace
Price: $12.00

SALE - Past Present Future Three Link Circle Silver Necklace
Price: $28.00

This necklace is very feminine, fun to wear, and will go with everything.
Price: $19.00

Price: $35.00

Price: $18.00

Wooden Jewelry, Keepsake, or Trinket Box
Price: $35.00

TINY HEARTS - necklace
Price: $22.00

Petite dangling earrings in copper, purple and crystal - Tinkerbella
Price: $18.00

African Violets
Price: $42.00

Charming Candies Bracelet: handmade with polymer clay
Price: $55.00

Curve-Fold Knot Necklace
Price: $35.00

Vintage Pale Pink Floral Filigree Ring
Price: $12.00

Romantique - A Vintage Charm Necklace in Antiqued Brass
Price: $30.00

Red Heart Pendant
Price: $30.00

oval hammered pendant
Price: $30.00

Like molten earth the carnelian nuggets of this necklace glow with an inner fire. 17.25"
Price: $40.00

Lil' Book with Key - Necklace. Old school charm. Fabric wrapped locket. Limited Edition.
Price: $20.00

You're Blushing Earrings
Price: $38.00

Palmwood Mod Metal Donut Handmade Necklace
Price: $44.00

Shine Like the Universe Necklace
Price: $74.00

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